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Sesame Street

main songs


End is fade repeating

Vocals group sing



(notes: chimes/piano start on an intro dut dut, dut dut, dut dut, dutty-dut — tuba does a 1, 2, 1-2-3-4 music count off on F, and uses that to cue times everyone is returning to melody)

And so Sesame Street… we should be able to pretty much stick with the arrangement as I sent it out earlier, except:
the intro is that dut duh, dut duh, dut duh-da-de-dah:
first on chimes alone
then w/ piano as well
then drums
then I start the bouncy bassline (I IV I IV)
then everyone in on the main song (“Sunny Days! Chasin’ the … Blues away!”) TWICE
Then open for solos. We decided to keep the simple I IV I IV for that, so very open
The leader will then count down (or up) 4,3,2,1, and then there’s two bars in piano and bass on the Fifth – that’s everyone’s singlel to
One more time on the main song! Except it ends with “How to get to Sesame Street” 4 times
and then– drums lead in the “Funky Chimes” riff as in the music (our attempt to do )–
Marie starts off, and rhythm section and trombones has that low thing
It’s a simple I I IV IV, and I think it’s the rhythm section that leads the change
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