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Miserlou (G minor)

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This song has 2 melodies which I am arbitrarily calling sunrise and sunset

(and I am lumping in soprano / alto saxes with trumpet and tenor saxes with trombones and bari saxes with base)

1 - sunrise trombone
2 - sunrise trumpet
3 - sunset trumpet
4 - sunset trombone

For solos we go back to "sunrise", and the soloist can play off the melody call and response style. Ideally trumpets play call when it's a trombone solo and vice versa.

After solos, ending is pretty much everyone but basses play the first part of sunset and then "HEY!"

So arrangement has
High Parts:
C - Melodica
Bb - Trumpet (Clarinet, Soprano Sax)
Eb - Alto Sax

Mid Parts
C - Trombone
Bb - Tenor (Baritone TC)

Low Parts
C - Tuba
Eb - Bari Sax

2nd bar sunrise sing "Hut...Hut...Hey!" if not playing the melody


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